QR Code voting

Use the latest mobile technology to engage your audience with live, paperless voting.

QR code voting adds an exciting interactive dimension to events, and is completely unique to AmazeWall.


Build interest in your event content as the day unfolds by giving attendees the opportunity to vote with their mobile or tablet.
No slips of paper, no ballot boxes, and no chance of vote-rigging, because the specially-designed system will only allow one vote per person.

It’s a great way to get an understanding of your audience’s attitudes to key issues, and because the votes can be displayed instantly on the AmazeWall, it gives a real sense of engagement, allowing you or your speakers to tailor your content to the interests of your attendees.

The principle is simple, no mouse clicking, no having to login – you don’t even need a computer, just use a phone or tablet and scan the code to vote!

The feature can be used live at your event to get instant feedback on a range of subjects:
– Art submissions
– Yes/ no questions
– Suggestions
– Hot or not?