Pack Information

We will deliver your AmazeWall ready for you to use to promote and market your event.
We can also tweet and instagram where possible and finally, post event, publish an article including photos and back links to the event website which will also be promoted via our social channels.

Both event Twitter streams and Instagram feeds will be displayed in real time either automatically or moderated depending on your preference.

Prices start from £250+VAT per event depending on which facilities are required.

Keeping it simple there are 2 main packages:
– Off site
We will produce a bespoke, fully branded AmazeWall which can include your logo, branding, video, text and of course the event hashtag.
Once this is created you will have your own secure URL which can then be used to broadcast your AmazeWall throughout the venue, on your own website or even embedded into your Facebook page.

The choice is yours whether you want to just let the stream run in real time or moderated.

– On-site
As above but also this option involves us being on-site at the event. This will enable us to set-up and moderate your AmazeWall for you as well as mix and mingle with the attendees, and (where appropriate), discuss the event and tweet/ instagram their response live, in real time.

As the AmazeWall system is all based online, anyone with the right permissions can sign in and control the feeds from wherever in the world they are.
You can control every element yourself or leave it up to us, it’s entirely your choice.

Get in touch to discuss your options further.