Glasgow Plays Host to Largest Ever Twitter Wall

Social media doesn’t always get given fair coverage in the mainstream media. It’s all too easy for critics to complain that we spend too much time glued to our mobile phones, instead of being productive. However, there is plenty of evidence that proves social media can be harnessed for good, with one of the latest examples popping up in the heart of Glasgow.

July 28th 2014 saw the world’s largest Twitter wall raised in St Enoch Square, Glasgow. The wall was put in place in order to recognise World Hepatitis Day, raising awareness about the disease, as well as the struggles that are faced by those living with it. According to Charles Gore, the President of the World Hepatitis Alliance, “Viral hepatitis rarely gets the visibility it deserves”, making events like this one vital in raising awareness.

The board itself detailed the types of things that those with viral hepatitis have to deal with, in order to educate those reading it. However, the hashtag #thinkhepatitis was then used in order for messages of support to be displayed across the screen, offering some positivity to those suffering.

It turned out to be a great idea, brilliantly executed. The Commonwealth Games were in full swing, so thousands of people were able to learn more about the illness. The hashtag was simple yet memorable, and it allowed people from all around the world to show their support for the cause.

This is an inspiring example of how social media and Twitter walls can be utilised for the greater good. Charities are becoming increasingly tech savvy when it comes to the use of social media, and are constantly looking for new ways to spread their messages. This stunt proves that something as unique as a Twitter wall can really grab an audience’s attention.

If you think that your charity event, corporate gathering, or networking meeting could benefit from a Twitter wall, or if you’re simply curious to learn more about them and their benefits, then get in touch with the AmazeWall team to find out more.

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