Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Reality Technology

Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Reality Technology

The tech world is waiting with bated breath for 2016’s virtual reality (VR) boom, with heavy hitters like Google, Sony, Samsung and Facebook vying for the top spot with their soon-to-be-launched VR systems for gaming, social and mobile platforms. Gamers aren’t the only ones titillated by the impending explosion of VR on the mainstream market—business... more >

How to Incorporate Google Hangouts in Your Events

How to Incorporate Google Hangouts in Your Events

Google+ has around 300 million active users, with Google Hangouts playing a large role in the site’s popularity. Using a Hangout from the comfort of your own home is simple; you can instant message with as many friends as you like or you can video chat with up to 10 people at any given time.... more >

5 Snapchat Hacks That Are Too Easy For You To Ignore

So, there’s a ton of so called “Social Media gooroos” and then there’s Gary Vaynerchuk. By his own admission, not everything he says is true but, when he yaks on about something enough times you can almost bet it’s going to be a winner. We have plans to ultilise the platform later in the year... more >

What Does #TwitterVideo Mean For You?

Social giant Twitter have just revealed their new native video feature. Users are now be able to record, edit, and post video directly to their feed using the Twitter app. This is big news for both advertisers and users. Previously, users would have had to use a site like Vine to post video to Twitter,... more >

Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Business? (Part II)

In Part I we explained the perks of using Facebook and Google+ for your business. Here, in Part II, we will explore more social networking platforms and reveal what benefits they hold for business users. Instagram Purchased by Facebook for a measly $1 billion two years ago, Instagram harnesses the power of the picture and... more >

The Business Show (again!)

It’s that time of the year, again, where we trundle off to Olympia, West London to spend 2 days presenting AmazeWall at The Business Show. We adore this show, not only because the atmosphere is immense, we get to hook up with a ton of old and new acquaintances but also because the organisers are... more >